6PM Wednesday, 28 June

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Has your business success made you think it’s time to take things to the next level? Franchising could be your answer.

Franchising is an exciting stage of evolution for business owners who want to expand their operation and reach new locations and markets. Franchising provides a unique sense of satisfaction through its ability to grow businesses with less time, cost and effort than what it took to build something from nothing.

Join Accurate Franchising Inc. for an in-depth journey, led by highly experienced franchise professionals, about what it takes to evolve from a single entity business into a thriving multi-location enterprise.

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6pm Wednesday, 28 June

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The United Franchise Group (UFG) is home to an affiliated family of brands and consultants that provide unprecedented leadership and solid business opportunities for entrepreneurs.  UFG has been active in the franchising sector for more than 35 years, with affiliated brands that include over 1,600 franchises in more than 60 countries. UFG consultants have helped develop over 350 brands into franchises, in over 80 countries with more than 2500 franchisees.

About our speakers

Tipton Shonkwiler

Tipton Shonkwiler

Brand President of Accurate Franchising and the President of United Franchise Group’s (UFG) Consulting Division

Tipton Shonkwiler is the Brand President of Accurate Franchising and the President of United Franchise Group’s (UFG) Consulting Division. Tipton works directly with several UFG brand and has more than 30 years of franchise experience in development, sales and marketing, international master license sales and international brand development.

He is a certified Franchise Executive within the International Franchise Association and holds a Franchise MBA from Nova Southeastern University.

Susana Hands

Susana Hands

Regional Vice President of Accurate Franchising

Susana Hands is the Regional Vice President of Accurate Franchising and has over 15 years of experience within the franchising industry. She specialises in franchise recruitment and is known for her creative approach to recruiting franchisees across Australia. She is a highly sought-after expert who regularly shares her insights at knowledge events, including panels hosted by the Franchise Council of Australia.

Susana started her journey as franchisee who went on to start her own business that eventually became its own franchise, giving her a unique perspective on the evolution from business owner to successful franchisor.

What to expect

Steps to franchise success

Learn the steps to franchise success

Discover the key steps to building a successful franchise model and what it takes to grow with stability. These steps include business planning, legal documentation, operations services, marketing and post-development.
Ask us anything

Ask us anything

Learn even more by bringing your questions to our Q&A session, where our speakers will shed light on anything you want to know about your evolution into a franchisor.
Hear from professionals

Hear from the experts in franchise evolution

Accurate Franchising Inc has been teaching business owners how to franchise a business for over 35 years. It is the only franchise development consulting firm that owns and operates its own franchise brands. Since 1986 it has grown to operate 10 franchise brands with 1,400 locations in over 80 countries.

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